• Oreh-Wen


    June 14, 2015 by Oreh-Wen

    Once upon a time?

    There was a Guy? whO Annoyed poeple A LOt?

    He Was So annoyIng that he only had One friend?buT thats Not important? The fact wAs? tHat he Woke Up evEry mornng? aT &:))? everYbodY hatEd him For that? becuz He was ONly !%*?

    And? thus? Ends the taIl Of The Very annoyIng MAN?

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  • Oreh-Wen

    The hill

    April 18, 2015 by Oreh-Wen

    Once upon a time, there was a man, who lived on a hill.

    Now, we join him on this day for a very special reason, and that reason is......well, I guess I better just rewind a few years.

    The man had moved in less than a few months ago, and was just starting to get used to the place when he suddenly heard "ring ring", "ah, the paper" he thought to himself, so he got up off his couch, stretched, and walked to the door.

    But when he opened the door, he did not find what he expected to, right there on his porch, there was, instead of the normal weekly paper, a big, blue and white, egg.

    Now, put yourself in his situation, you just got up, expecting something normal at your front door, but suddenly, you see THAT, you would be quite taken aback, I'm sure…

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  • Oreh-Wen

    There once was a man.

    April 17, 2015 by Oreh-Wen

    There once was a man

    Who lived in a van

    And ate out of cans

    So one day someone walked up to him and said "How do you do?"

    So he got up out of his chair and said "Darn you!"

    But I know what you're thinking

    This guy is quite rude

    So that's why I am singing about this dude

    Now the person took offense

    And said something back but the man got angry

    So decided to attack

    He was sent to prison

    For making that mistake

    But his heart was risen

    From what someone sayed

    The guy said that there was hole

    And asked him to come and help out

    He of course accepted

    They'd make it through without a doubt.

    So three weeks later

    They were done with the hole

    So they got outa prison

    For bein' like moles.

    The man felt good about gettin' leaving without a singe

    But the first thing that popped…

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  • Lunaicus


    March 28, 2015 by Lunaicus


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  • MsD

    I'm naked

    August 11, 2014 by MsD

    Sooooo naked.

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  • LEGOSuperDKong


    July 24, 2014 by LEGOSuperDKong

    UPDATE: I called Nintendo and so I now know what happened. I made a joke post in which I said I was 12. It was an obvious joke, and I said so in the comments. But the admins took it seriously. So I've sent them proof of my age and I should be unbanned soon. Yay.

    Hai. I'm wondering why I can't use the eShop/Miiverse. I don't really expect you to know.

    But I'm wondering if I got banned somehow. I know some of you might have been banned from le Miiverse before...

    So some questions to people who have experience in the matter:

    1. Can you access the eShop with that NNID while banned?
    2. Is there a ban length shorter than 2 weeks?
    3. Can other people see your profile while you're banned?

    P.S. - for those of you who don't use Miiverse, basically anything that gets…

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  • Zapty

    I just wanted to say that I'm working on something big for the MMC as a community; once it's all touched up and finished I'll post here and see what you guys think of it. It's not perfect, you can hate it all you want (probably because I think it's pretty bad xD) because I just wanted your opinions on it.


    Like I said, not done yet...

    What is this mysterious project some nerd is working on? Are clouds really alien spaceships? Will Zap ever get a life?!


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  • Legored14

    Leave me reminders :P

    June 15, 2014 by Legored14

    Someone please remind me to keep coming back here... I keep thinking it's dead here so I left... Anything happened while I was gone? :P Also, I was on Google+ :P Follow me @LegoredFilms :P

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  • Zapty


    June 9, 2014 by Zapty

    Electronic Entertainment Expo, AKA E3. 6/10/2014: 9 AM PST, 11 AM CST.

    Make sure to mark your calenders, cancel your plans, and finish your schoolwork early! Nintendo is having a digital event at E3! You can watch it here!

    So, like, everyone's on the hype train, because why not? :P

    So, who's going to watch it live, and who'll watch it later? I'm watching it live (hopefully :P) and having a chat event also! You can like, share your reactions and stuff. :P


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  • Oreh-Wen

    These are some things that I'm sure you want to remember.

    That now you have to manually breath, blink and swallow

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  • Zapty

    I'd like to thank the Academy. No, wait. Sorry. :P

    I made a blog post.

    • groans from the crowd*

    I have some cool things to say:

    I got Super Metroid for free on the Wii U eShop, so dat's kewl. #clubninty :P

    I convinced my mom to get me a 2DS while it was on sale for $99, so I am in debt for a bit until I finish cleaning stuff. :P Comes with Pokemanz also. :P

    Uh... I had my last soccer game this season, and I had a campout cancelled. :P

    • limps off of imaginary virtual stage*
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  • Keplers

    Mando Helmets!

    May 7, 2014 by Keplers

    I've been drawing Mando helmets recently so I naturally thought of LMBW Arya Elf dinosaurs you guys! I decided I'd let you request some helmet designs! Link your friends on LMBW other places like the spyware Google+ too!

    Some examples of my work:

    Note: Your custom helmets' pictures will be cropped to mostly eliminate the grid.
    Note 2: I can do regular visors and Death Watch Nite Owl visors (in the style of Bo-Katan Kryze), but I cannot do clones. While I have figured out how to draw the visor, the helmet is presenting a challenge to me at present.

    File:RexBucket.jpg|Von's request; Rex's Phase I helmet.

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  • Legored14


    May 3, 2014 by Legored14

    I may return to full activity here now! :D I need to do the same with the LMBs :P

    So, welcome me! :P

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  • Legored14

    (*Legored, Wari, Wavey, Leghobros and Link ride across Hyrule Field towards the Dark Forest*

    Leghobros: It sure does look scary here!

    Legored: I know right?

    Link:... *Points to the tower*

    Wavey: Is that where Ganondorf is?

    Link: *Nods*

    Wari: Don't forget, he has the crystal, and Zelda!

    Wavey: We need to hurry there quick!

    (*Bokoblins and Moblins come out of the bushes*

    Legored: Ugh. Uglies!

    Link: *Pulls out sword and fights the Bokoblins and Moblins*

    Wari: We need weapons!

    Legored: Here! Take Red McEpic! *Hands Red McEpic to Wari*

    Wavey: *Knocks out a Bokoblin with a log* I think this log does come in handy!

    Leghobros: I bet this is one of the few defenses Ganondorf has?

    In Ganon's Tower...

    Ganondorf: Princess Zelda. Your face will look good on the dark s…

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  • Impulse09

    =( :P

    April 17, 2014 by Impulse09

    The wiki has...died...apparently. :P:P 

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  • Legored14

    Tails: Sorry to keep you waiting, Sonic!

    Imp: We're here to help!

    Dolphy: And at the same time trying to take something back.

    Rhys: Can we have the crystal?

    Eggman: No! I need it for my nefarious new plan!

    Sonic: I'd love to hear it!

    Eggman: I want this crystal to power up the Chaos Emerald and use them to take over the world. *Looks at his hand* WHO TOOK MY CRYSTAL?!?!?!

    Sonic: Whoops :3

    Knuckles: I'll take him! *Goes after Eggman*

    Eggman: I don't think so. *Pulls out hammer*

    Imp: Watch out!

    (*Knuckles dodges the hammer*

    Rhys: Things can get out of hand sometimes.

    In the Hardcore Hub...

    DK: It looks like it's working!

    Indi: We're fending off the airships!

    In the streets...

    DarkTan: We'll take it from here, Bowser. *The Evil MMCers jump out of the airship …

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  • Sylvon

    Stupid Questions!

    March 29, 2014 by Sylvon

    Sooooo, here are some stupid questions for your amusement.

    "Am I alive?"

    "How do I breathe?"

    "Does pain hurt?"

    "Does PewDiePie cuss?"

    "Is Kirito friends with Sugou?"

    "Where are my eyes located?"

    "Does cyanide kill you if you swallow it?"

    "Is Mario Italian?"

    "Do Time Lords have 2 hearts?"

    "What color is Sonic?"

    "Can you log out of Sword Art Online?"

    "Does Eren want to be friends with the Titans?"

    "cn i spel"

    "How do I say nein in German?"

    "How do I spell how do I spell?"

    "Is Sylvon a thing?"

    "What does a human look like?"

    "Is TheDiamondMinecart a Youtuber?"

    "Is SAO an anime?"

    "Where is the question mark key?"

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  • Legored14

    Indi: Can we please go out and help out?

    DK: Unless you wanna be Bullet Billed, that's fine... But I'd rather you stay here.

    AJ: DK, I think the steath cannons are ready!

    DK: Awesome!

    AJ: But I just need to enter the password.

    Computer: Please enter password.

    AJ: Ninja.

    Computer: Don't know what Nympha is. Please try again.

    AJ: NIN-Ja. Augh...

    Computer: Don't know what Ninjago is. Please try again.

    AJ: NINJA!

    Computer: Password accepted. *Stealth cannons come out of the streets to take down airships*

    AJ: Remind me to tell Redboy to fix this computer.

    DK: I hope this helps.

    Dre: Same.

    Indi: I'm just waiting for our friends to come back.

    Meanwhile, in Station Square...

    Sonic: Give up that blue crystal, Egghead!

    Eggman: It's EggMAN! You know my name is Dr. Egg…

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  • Sylvon

    This is what I do when I get bored: I make random blogs. Enjoy. If you want a character, just ask!

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  • Legored14

    DarkTan: Is it ready, turtle boy?

    Bowser Jr: Yup! Pocket portal is ready!

    Bowser: Good work, son! Now, to find those tresspassers, and reclaim Birdetta and the princess! Big Mouth, prepare the weapons on the airships!

    Big Mouth: Can't you call us by our real names?

    Bowser: I AM YOUR MASTER, MORTON!!!!!

    Morton: Yes, my lord!

    Larry: Sorry for breaking the 4th wall, but thank god the writer refers to me by my real name now rather than watching the cartoons too much!

    Darkred: What the heck are you talking about?

    Larry: Nothing.

    Wendy: I gotta pick a bow for an invasion like this!

    Darkred: Yeah, because that one gives me a nosebleed! *Gets slapped by Wendy* Drat... Now I really have one...

    Wendy: Idiot.

    Dark Imp: I can't wait to take back the gloves that w…

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  • Sylvon

    Soviet Russia

    March 15, 2014 by Sylvon

    In Soviet Russia, you sneak up on the creepers and explode!

    In Soviet Russia, this is legal you know!

    In Soviet Russia, the Pokemon train you!

    In Soviet Russia, the Doctor is your companion!

    In Soviet Russia, Sally Acorn is dead!

    In Soviet Russia, Voldemort wears glasses and has a nose!

    In Soviet Russia, Harry Potter has perfect sight and no nose!

    In Soviet Russia, you can log out of Sword Art Online!

    In Soviet Russia, nothing is awesome!

    In Soviet Russia, creepers are scared of you!

    In Soviet Russia, you randomly teleport in front of endermen!

    In Soviet Russia, Ganon wants you to live!

    In Soviet Russia, Lex Luthor thinks everything is right!

    In Soviet Russia, the King wants breakfast!

    In Soviet Russia, Luigi is Papa Luigi!

    In Soviet Russia, nobody likes…

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  • Legored14

    (*Tanner and Agranix land in the deep cold caverns of Planet Zebes*

    Tanner: Eww... It's dark in here!

    Agranix: Let me get some light! *Turns a light on his glove*

    Tanner: I need your gloves! *Is mesmerized*

    Agranix: Sorry, but this is advanced Geraxian technology!

    Tanner: I just wanna look at it!

    Samus: Who are you two? *Points cannon at Tanner and Agranix*

    Meanwhile, in Hyrule...

    (*Legored, Wavey, Leghobros and Wari land in the middle of Lon Lon Ranch*

    Wari: Legored... You can snap out of it now!

    Legored: *Is frozen* Sorry... It's just that I do not wanna wash this cheek ever again! *Sees a horse* WATCH OUT!!!

    (*The Munchies jump out of the way*


    Leghobros: Is that... Link?

    Link: *Turns around* ...? *Points sword at the Munchies*

    Wari: Wait! It'…

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  • LEGOSuperDKong

    UPDATE: It is now officially over. Happy St. Patrick's day!

    I'd like to say thank you to the 20+ users who participated, even amidst technical glitches galore (though on Brickimedia we didn't have that problem ). And I'll even say thank you to the few "hater/troll/party-pooper/boring-person/all-around non-L33T N00B D:"s who at least paid attention to this blog. Maybe one day they will be converted. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing this next year as well as this was well received. Keep playing Nintendo games and have fun. :D

    ORIGINAL POST: In honor of Super Mario Day (that's today, March 10; err, MAR 10 ) I hereby propose Nintendo Avvie week. >:D

    Pick an avatar displaying a character from any Nintendo franchise (Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Smash B…

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  • Sylvon


    March 9, 2014 by Sylvon


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  • Legored14

    DK: Looks like they went back for something.

    Indi: Like what?

    DK: I don't really know.

    (*Donkey Kong plays in the background*

    DK: Scorpio, Dre, now is not the time to play- Ooh! Donkey Kong!

    Indi: Maybe that?

    (*At the MMC, Mario and the others observe the frozen Dark Indi*

    Mario: Mamma mia! It's-a creeping me out!

    Luigi: Those-a kids must-a hate clones.

    Birdetta: I wonder how long it'll take for everyone to come back... I wanted to ask Legored what all this pink stuff is coming out of my head... *Looks at hair*

    Mario: They'll-a be fine.

    (*In Sonic's world, Rhys, Dolphy and Imp land in Angel Island*

    Dolphy: It's a shame Tanner couldn't come, but at least we can find that crystal!

    ???: If you're talking about the Master Emerald, you're gonna try and get …

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  • Gracelw1

    My formal introduction...

    February 27, 2014 by Gracelw1

    Hi people! Some of you probably know me from the LEGO message Boards, but for those who don't, I may take the liberty to assert the fact that I abhor Video Games. I am here to quietly observe and generally gain knowledge as to how they addict people in the way they do. Don't take it as a challange, I just thought I'd let you know where I stand in this matter. :) See you around! 8D

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  • Sylvon

    Varying Opinions On LMBWians

    February 26, 2014 by Sylvon

    Well, the title says it all! I interviewed some random people, and got their opinions on the LEGO Message Boards Wiki members! Enjoy reading what they thought!

    "They have some serious problems, mate." -Captain Jack Sparrow

    "I tried reasoning with them. It's useless." -Shadow the Hedgehog

    "They is incompatible. They must be deleted." -Cyberleader

    "I will find them, and I will kill them." -Liam Neeson

    "Ew." -Captain Jack Harkness

    "Prepare for trouble! And make it double! To protect wikia from devastation! To unite all users within our nation! To denounce the evils of LMBW! To extend our reach to the stars above! Jessie! James! Team Rocket bans trolls at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to to fight! Meowth, that's right!" -Jessie, James…

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  • Keplers

    Mojang, Loading, Randomwords!
    A brown background loads a world then spawwwn.
    And people say worlds weren't built in a dayyyy-AH


    The mobs get the Nether out of there....
    Because they know something's going down...
    Is he gonna die...
    NO, it's a medium shot
    Paaan, zoom, and slo-mo means he's a Stevie-
    Mysterious hooded mob watches (from a distance).
    Take a second to look hostile,
    Time to go.
    Walk in slow-motion so you still look hostile,
    Guard just saw you and he's gonna shoot you,
    But don't mind him just keep looking hostile that spider will take care of him,
    Guard says "STOP!"
    Just blow him with your sulfur.
    The other got hit by an arrow so you're good,
    Hopefully those guards have good armor,
    No it's leather,
    Maybe t…

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  • Keplers

    Parody Squared

    February 25, 2014 by Keplers

    Mojang, Loading, Randomwords.
    Flint at Redstone and people die.
    Everywhere people die.
    (That's a callback [to nothing])
    This is the longest he's ever gone
    Without killing anyone.
    He wonders if his future son
    Will carry out the tradition
    Of blowing up the Stevies.
    It's his lunch break luckily.
    Toast of Hostility!
    Hurry with the toast,
    There's a hot Ender Girl
    Walking to the right!
    Bet she'd love to see a fight...
    Good guy music begins
    As the ponytail skins barge in.
    Look down on the mobs
    That you're better than.
    Ominous orchestral note,
    Time to let the Mobbies know:
    Peaceful Mode's over.
    Time for everything to suck.
    Mysterious hooded Mob watches
    (from a distance)
    Take a second to power up.
    (Blast radius)
    Target confirmed.
    Hooded Mob turns.
    Skeleton Mob sees hooded Mob'…

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  • IndikidSR-388

    Okay, so I've finally decided to start playing Pokémon. Could I just pick up one of the new ones and jump right in, or should I get one of the older ones first and learn the ropes from there?

    Also, which of the new ones should I get, X or Y and what is the difference? Can a person with X play online with a person who has Y?

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  • Legored14

    I've been doing LPs recently, and I thought I'd show you what's coming up. I already did 2 SMG vids, a Pokémon Rumble U one, but here's what's coming up next:

    • Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (3DS)
    • Super Mario 3D World
    • F-Zero
    • Sonic Adventure 2
    • LEGO City Undercover
    • Pokémon X
    • Star Fox 64 3D
    • Kid Icarus Uprising
    • New Super Mario Bros U

    Also, I won't do a new MMCUU episode today. I'll do one next week.

    Anyways, thankee :P

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  • Legored14

    (*Every screen in the world starts glitching out*

    Xagbrain: Augh, my voice is dry. Drink Bot! *Drink Bot brings Xagbrain a drink* People of- *Drink Bot spills drink on broadcast server*

    Drink Bot: Oops. Sorry.

    Xagbrain: I WILL RIP YOUR CIRCUITS OUT, AND BEAT THE METAL OUT OF YOU, YOU STUPID PIECE OF SCRAP METAL!!!!!! *Shoots the Drink Bot over and over* Now I have to fix this. X-T9, throw him out the airlock.

    X-T9: Will do! *Carries the Drink Bot to the airlock, and opens the door. The Drink Bot is pulled out into space*

    Xagbrain: I can't believe I'm the only one here with REAL natural intelligence.


    Agranix: What the... *Screen glitches out* What happened?

    Wavey: Must be Big Brain's doing.

    Tanner: Well, no matter. I wanna go explore an…

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  • IndikidSR-388

    Okay, sorry I didn't get any more of my LP done Friday. I was worn out from shoveling snow off the porch, and by the time I got inside, I wasn't in the best of moods and I just wanted to watch TV. And believe me, no one would want to watch me play Paper Mario while I'm tired and irritable. :P I'll try to get some more episodes done this week. :D

    Aaand on to the second topic of this blog: Little Mac.

    Anyone watched the video? If not, here's a link:


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  • Legored14

    (*The portal appears in the MMC and the MMCers end up in the MMC*

    Mario: Mamma-mia! Where-a are we?

    Tanner: Welcome, to.... the real world!

    Wari: In other words, Earth.

    Agranix: Did everyone make it back safely? *Counts everyone* Who's the pink haired girl?

    Birdetta: *Facepalm* It's me, Birdetta!

    Legored: Kamek accidentally turned her into a human.

    Birdetta: How do I look?

    Legored: You look... you look................ beautiful!

    Birdetta: Really?

    Tanner: Anyways, now that we're back at the MMC, where to next?

    Agranix: Not sure. But we do have to find those crystals! We have this one.

    Wavey: What does Xagbrain want the crystals for?

    Agranix: He wants to use them to power an extremely powerful weapon... the same weapon that destroyed my planet. The weapo…

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  • Legored14

    Look at this clown. I can't believe he has the gall to say this to us.

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  • Impulse09

    Hi all! I'm bored, so I decided to make a blog reviewing the new character designs for Sonic Boom. Please note, if you don't want to see mainly negative reviews, don't read. :P

    Number 1: Amy

    When I first saw this, I hated it. But, now that I'm slightly calmer, I'm actually liking Amy's new look. She's not as ultra pink girly girl. She looks tougher and more serious. She definitely looks more mature. All in all, I give her design a 8/10.

    Number 2: Dr Eggman.

    I kinda like Egghead's New look. He looks more intimadating. It looks like they took his body and inverted it. Instead of being round and fat, he is large and muscular looking. While I prefer the old Eggman, I can get use to this one. I give it a 7/10.

    Number 3: Knuckles

    Umm, wow. I hated thi…

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  • RysTennant


    February 6, 2014 by RysTennant

    I found something absolutely amazing, and thought I'd share it with you all.

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  • Legored14

    Indi: Who else is here?

    DK: Just Greenie, AJ, and RL.

    Scorpio: I'm confuzzled. How long have you been here?

    DK: A while. I created the Hardcore Hub to serve for surveillance after that first alien crash landing. You've seen the news, right?

    Indi: Yeah.

    DK: I noticed everyone else was involved. legored, tanner, Dolphy, Imp, Leghobros, Wavey, and Wari!

    Indi: I wanna know where they are!

    DK: I have'nt seen them.

    Dre: Certainly a mystery!

    Indi: Rhys was here a while. he's back at the MMC.

    (*Rhys is talking to a frozen dark Indi*

    Rhys: So... Are you chilling in there?

    Dark Indi: MMMRRRMMMMM!!!!!


    Xagbrain: Alright you tin cans. In 3 days we will unleash heck on that puny planet below. If they don't surrender the crystals, I will destroy Earth lik…

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  • LEGOSuperDKong


    January 31, 2014 by LEGOSuperDKong

    Over the last few weeks, sadly, we've seen a number of fun users depart from our wiki.

    But wait, there are still some of us who check this wiki... even if they aren't always that active.

    So, I want to count whoever is left.

    Leave a comment if you're still going to be checking the site, chatting, etc.

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  • IndikidSR-388


    January 28, 2014 by IndikidSR-388

    I finally got the stuff I need to play Gamecube Games on my Wii!!! :D

    The only thing I'm missing now are some actual GC games. :P

    And on a different note, I've been thinking of doing a Let's Play on Paper Mario...but I'm not sure when I'll actually find the time and I'd be afraid that I'd drive away any viewers with my obnoxious sense of humor. :P

    But if you think an LP of Paper Mario would be good...let me know. :P

    I actually thought of a Final Fantasy III/VI LP...but it took me around forty hours to beat it for the first time, and that's too long for my extremely short attention span and perseverance to actually complete, so...I figured I'd start small...if I actually start at all. :P

    I'll try to start on it this weekend, I guess. :P The vide…

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  • Greenninjasgirlfriend
    _; Worst day ever. ;_; 
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  • RysTennant


    January 28, 2014 by RysTennant

    I'm leaving this wiki, the time has come for me to go.

    Someday, I may come back, but I don't know. I'll see you all later.

    Bye everyone.

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  • Dolphinluvr16


    January 28, 2014 by Dolphinluvr16

    I can't go on here any more. 

    Sorry Tanner, Impulse, Rys, and all of my friends......

    I just can't come here.

    Goodbye. D':

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  • Legored14

    Funny Videos :P

    January 28, 2014 by Legored14

    Just some videos for your entertainment :P Enjoy :P

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  • Legored14

    Tanner: Does anyone know where the torture room is?

    Imp: I dunno... we've never been in this castle.

    Dolphy: How about here? *Points to a sign that reads "Torture Room*

    Imp: Wow... that was obvious. :P

    (*Sounds of screaming going on*

    Agranix: STOP!!! STOP IT!!! IT HURTS!!!!!

    Fizzlit: Bzzt itz fun... bzzt...

    Tanner: Let's blow this place!

    (*Tanner breaks the door open with his Tan Shield, and Dolphy kills the Fizzlit with her hammer*

    Imp: We're here to rescue you!

    Agranix: Where's everyone else?

    Tanner: Legored went to go rescue his girlfriend, and the others are off to rescue Mario and Luigi.

    Agranix: What?

    Tanner: Never mind.

    Agranix: And the crystal?

    Dolphy: Still in the throne room!


    Wavey: Wow... an aquarium... in a castle full of lava!


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  • RysTennant


    January 27, 2014 by RysTennant


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  • Zapty

    I just got back from my ski trip last night. If you haven't heard about it, I went up to Indiana and went skiing. :P

    I had a blast. First we drove and drove and drove and we got to the hotel around maybe lunch, and went tubing until late, then went to bed. The next day I swam in the pool until around lunch, ate, put layers upon layers on, and we went skiing. I went on some of the bigger slopes, and didn't fall. :3 :P Then after that we got to the hotel late, watched TV until like 1 AM, then dozed off. We got up, ate breakfast, and took off around 9:00 AM. We didn't get to our church until around 5:00 PM, said bye, and went home. :P

    I don't know if I took any pictures, but I had a good time. :P By the way this is my first blog post, so that i…

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  • Legored14

    (*Dark Indi enters the MMC*

    Dark Indi: Now, where is that fool?

    (*Knocks all the tables and chairs over* WHERE ARE YOU?!

    Indi: *Whispers* Okay. I'm officially scared.

    Rhys: What do you mean you're scared? You're the owner f this place!

    Indi: How do you know?

    Rhys: it says on your name plate.

    Dre: We can't just sit here and hide! We need to fight!

    Scorpio: YEAH!

    Dark Indi: THERE YOU ARE!!!!

    (*Indi, Dre and Rhys stare angrily at Scorpio*

    Scorpio: Whoops.

    Indi: I don't care if I'm scared anymore! We must fight! *Grabs random weapons*

    Dark Indi: Oh... Poor little suckers want to fight? Bring it.


    Imp: *Whispers* Everyone, run to the edge.

    Wari: Why?

    Imp: We'll reach the princess.

    Legored: Trust us!

    Tanner: Okay then.

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  • Legofanyoda1547


    January 21, 2014 by Legofanyoda1547

    Hello! I've enabled Leaderboards on the wiki, which basically shows the top users on the wiki by badge system. I hope you enjoy it! =D :P


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  • RysTennant

    Hagrid is a troll

    January 20, 2014 by RysTennant
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